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Coates Original Purple Martin Houses

Aluminum purple martin houses with standard round holes

Coates Original features round entry holes - many people prefer this traditional look. Made from lightweight, rust-proof aluminum, the Original is available with 8, 12, 16 rooms.  The room sizes are 6" x 6" by 6", the generally recommended standard. 8,12 and 16 room houses include round door plugs.

All Coates Houses ship unassembled and require time to build depending on the size model you order. The Manufacturer is now offering the option to have your Coates martin house ship fully assembled, see our pre assembly Options on the right. A perfect way to save you time before the season begins and also a great gift idea.

Click here for additional Coates accessories including Add-A-Floors, replacement doors and cleaner.

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  • A Predator Guard is available for the 12 and 16 room house - this barrier helps to keep enemies such as hawks and owls at bay. 
  • A Standard Pole works well with the 8 and 12 room houses.  The Heavy Duty pole is recommended for the 16 room houses. 
  • The 3 inch wide 14 foot Aluminum telescoping pole is weather resistant, light weight and very durable. See it here.
Select a House Size

8 Room House   $102.86

12 Room House $131.85

16 Room House $168.93 

 Pre Assembly Option

8 Room              $20.00
12 Room            $30.00
16 Room            $40.00

... add matching
Telescoping Pole ...

Heavy Duty Pole with
      Ground Socket   $107.23
12 Foot Pole

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